Appliqué/Twill ~ About / FAQ

What is appliqué?

Appliqué is the process of sewing down polyester or nylon fabrics to garments. Tackle twill is our primary appliqué process. 

What type of stitches are used to sew appliqué?

Appliqué can be sewn with a standard zig-zag stitch or with a satin stitch. The satin stitch is a nice addition to the design because it allows you to create an additional color to the design; however it produces a much larger stitch count and will affect the price dramatically versus using a standard zig-zag. Appliqué is commonly used for athletic teams and organizations.

How many colors of twill am I allow to have in one design?

One or two color designs are standard. However, 3 color twill design is available at custom pricing.

Can I mix and match the twill color and stitch color?

You as a customer have an option to choose your twill color and stitch color used to sew the twill down to the garment.