Embroidery ~ About / FAQ

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is an ancient variety of decorative needlework in which designs and pictures are created by stitching strands of some material on to a layer of another material. Most embroidery uses thread or wool stitched onto a woven fabric, but the stitches could be executed in, for example, wire or leather strands, and embroidery can be worked onto many materials.


What is embroidery digitizing and what is the cost?

Digitizing is the process of taking the customer’s artwork and converting the design into stitches that are stored in a computer file (.dst) which the embroidery machine can read.  A quote can be given after our embroidery department reviews your design.


When you digitize an embroidery design, who owns the digitized file?

Skyline owns the digitized file. If you would like a copy of the .dst file, additional fee will be added to your order.

Are design charges applied to every order?

No. Design charges are not applied for reorders if we have your embroidery-ready file, or if you supply us with and embroidery-ready design file on disk. However, there are charges applied in the situation when you request:

  • editing existing logo
  • pantone match
  • color change

How small can you make embroidered letters or words?

For the best results, we recommend that embroidered text be a minimum of 1/4" in height. Please keep in mind that the bigger the letters, the better the quality is.

What types of garments produce the best embroidery results?

Button down shirts, jackets and bags will produce crisp results for embroidery. Loose knit shirts and caps can be difficult for small lettering and detail. The stronger the fabric, the better the embroidery will look. For example, caps, twill, canvas, poly denier nylon (like bags and duffels), most outerwear materials and other very sturdy fabrics sew extremely well.

How do I select thread color for my embroidery design?

Our basic stock colors are under "Color Wheel" in the embroidery section of the website. We can also match Pantone Colors, if we don't have your color in our stock of over 100 colors. Additional fee will be applied to match exact pantones.

Can I get an actual embroidery proof?

For custom designs, a stitch out is created and emailed for your review and approval. A stitch out can also be e-mailed to you in JPEG format. You may also visit our office to review your stitch out. If you require your stitch out to be mailed to you, a $10.00 charge per sample plus postage will be applied. All embroidery will require an approval signature to complete your order.